PANEL: Adopting legal technology and integrating with your IT legacy systems

Oct 29, 2019

4:10 pm

Although innovation is no longer a buzzword in the legal industry, many firms continue to be slow in their adoption of legal technology. Learn how your organisation can successfully transform in the digital age.

  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities of redesigning your delivery of legal services
  • Strategies to enable the interoperability of legal tech solutions
  • Tried and tested methods of effective change management
  • How to optimise your internal legal functions
  • Delivering better services to your clients
  • Jorden Lam

    General Counsel and General Manager Corporate Affairs


  • Lachlan McKnight

    Chief Executive Officer


  • Warrick McLean

    Chief Executive Officer

    Coleman Greig Lawyers

  • Terri Mottershead

    Executive Director

    Centre for Legal Innovation

  • Justine Rowe

    Legal Business Partner – Enterprise


  • Shaun Temby



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